Our Mission

Starting a business in the fashion industry can be very time consuming and costly. We understand how difficult it can be to grasp knowledge in a constantly shifting industry such as fashion. Our mission is to guide emerging fashion designers and fashion entrepreneurs through the process or starting their business.We strive to develop a plan that will offer our clients the best skill set to grow from dreamer to fashionpreneur all while being realistic and profitable.We want our clients to leave our program with all the necessary tools to make their dream fashion label a reality. 


Who do we serve?

Aspiring Fashion Designers - We work with aspiring designers that have not quite began a fashion label yet however, withhold many creative ideas that are sellable and profitable. This person is interested in learning the basics of design such as sewing and pattern making. 


Fashion Designers in Transition - We work with fashion designers that are looking to leave their job and live their dreams. The transitioning fashion designer has designed clothing before and has some knowledge of the fashion industry. The transitioning fashion designer needs assistance with planning, creative sellable ideas and branding. 


The Emerging Designer - The emerging designer is someone who already has an active fashion label but struggles with generating a steady profit. This person has knowledge of fashion design standards but needs assistance with rebranding, marketing, accountability and profiting. This person is looking to learn more about the industry standards and creating multiple streams of revenue as a designer. This designer is also ready to manufacture and produce garments for their target customer.

The Aspiring Fashion Industry Entrepreneur- We work with fashion driven entrepreneurs such as bloggers, stylists, closet organizers, fashion live event founders and more. We want to assist you with the business coaching aspects of our industry. Their are many business principals that can not be overlooked. Jessica invested in a business coach herself and soon as she did, she was able to leave her 9-5 for good to pursue her dreams. Jessica will implement those same principals for the emerging fashion entrepreneur.  

Who is our ideal client?

Our ideal client is someone who is very serious about investing in their self and their future. This client is ready to gain industry knowledge to strengthen their brand. This person is committed to achieving their business goals. Our clients understand that this program is designed to assist them with their fashion design endeavors as well as hold them accountable. You could be our ideal client if: 

        You are ready to grow your business

        You are ready to stop being underpaid and overworked as a fashion designer or even at your current employer

        You are ready to start a fashion industry business the right way

        You desire to work with someone who has been in your shoes before

        You have a vision to make a profit doing something you love

        You are willing to do what it takes to be a successful fashion designer and entrepreneur

        You are ready to study and immerse yourself in all things fashion design related

        You are ready and willing to make an investment into your success

How do I know that Jessica is the right fit for me?

I am a highly motivated person who believes any goal is attainable. With that being said, I work best with people who are go-getters and will not make any excuses about making their fashion industry dreams a reality. My ideal client is ready to do anything reasonable to get the results they desire in their business. All of our coaching programs were created for people who are tired of struggling to begin a fashion label and want a solution to their problem.

My ideal client wants me to walk them step-by-step through the process of becoming a consistent fashion designer and business owner, building a sustainable business and not allowing them to make ANY excuses along the way. If you are not willing to do the work it will take to achieve your goals and create the life you desire, I am not the right coach for you.

What separates us from other fashion design programs?

When I attended school for fashion design, I remember still being confused at times about certain design aesthetics and needing 1 on 1 time. Most courses are meant for a large group to attend at once. Most courses do not teach you anything outside of sewing and pattern making.  We have 1 on 1 accountability sessions with all clients. We also give our clients lifetime access to the information that you will learn. You leave most other fashion courses with no knowledge of how to profit as a designer, how to mass produce a line, how to source fabrics and how to properly start a business. We are preparing our clients with all of those tools that you cant find in design school. We understand that skill set is important, however, we understand profiting is just as important if not more. We want our clients to be able to leave their 9-5 and replace their income with a steady income as a fashion entrepreneur. 

How does the I.E. Fashion Academy work?

Our programs are designed to help you become a successful fashion designer and industry entrepreneur in 12 months or less. The I.E. Fashion Academy courses are based online. Each month,clients receive 2 e-courses that are created and narrated by Jessica Williams. Along with each video course and powerpoint are home work assignments that hold our clients accountable and allow you to test out your new skill set. At the end of each month, our clients have accountability sessions with Jessica Williams. During this time, our clients discuss their fashion design and business progress to date. All clients in our 12 month program will attend a fashion show in New York City during New York Fashion Week as well as tour the garment district. Clients will also attend a power dinner with Jessica and fashion industry friends. 

What is the potential success rate?

I myself used to struggle with generating a profit as a creative artist. I was unsure about how to network and create lasting partnerships in the industry. I hired a business coach to assist me. After receiving all the tools that my coach gave me, I grew my business by 238% with sales alone. IrregularExposure.com receives over 189,000 views every quarter and does high figures in sales. With the accountability and knowledge from my business coach and my experience as a fashion industry specialist, I am excited to share with my clients how to measure their success as well. 

How quickly will I begin to see results?

Quite frankly, it all depends on how committed you will be to the program and your determination. We have seen people successfully design a collection and grow their sales by $137% within 4 months.

What are the prices for programs and services?

Pricing varies based on the client's needs and requirements. Jessica will discuss pricing with you during the discovery session.

What is the next step?

To become a client at the Irregular Exposure Fashion Academy, please apply for a free discovery session. Jessica Williams will contact you within a few moments via email to confirm your session time. Jessica will discuss your goals with you. The best program will be recommended after your session. 


All products, services, events, Fashion Success Shop courses and coaching programs are non-refundable.